I have been a Ferrigno Real Estate client since the mid-1980s. In recent years Ferrigno Real Estate has represented me in 5 different TIC projects (3 6-unit buildings, a 4-unit building & a 2-unit building) from start to finish. Chris & Lalena are extremely professional and well versed in the intricacies of the San Francisco TIC market. They guided me through the acquisition of the buildings and had a great marketing program…I was so impressed by their business acumen and personable style…as a very sophisticated Broker/Investor myself, I was given advice beyond my own personal knowledge that was invaluable in closing the deals! I consider Chris & Lalena top notch Real Estate Brokers and would highly recommend their office for any Real Estate needs!

Kenneth Meislin
San Francisco, CA

In October of 2011, I became the executor of the Estate of Donald A. Casper. Chris Ferrigno had been chosen by Don, before he suddenly passed away, to work on the sale of 249-251-253 Diamond Street, having first listed it with Pacific Union. The transaction was extremely complicated, involving tenant buyouts (which Chris personally financed) and building updates, all of which allowed Don to make this a salable TIC property. I was so impressed with the abilities of Chris and Lalena Goard, that I selected them as the listing agents for a TIC property at 780-782-784 Green Street (a 3-unit Edwardian building in North Beach) which was in the family for over 50 years, This also involved sensitive negotiations with tenants, buyouts and building updates. The result was a profitable outcome for our family. I would highly recommend Ferrigno Real Estate.

Eugene C. Payne III
San Francisco, CA

I was very fortunate to have met Chris over 20 years ago and he has guided my real estate investment decisions ever since. His personal involvement in his clients’ decisions and his tenacious spirit have made him invaluable in my success in real estate.

Mary Kay Hartley
San Francisco, CA

I first knew Chris in 1980 when he offered me an apartment building, which I bought. I’d been looking for a broker, and found that he knew more about real estate legal matters and financial opportunities than persons I met in larger “franchise” offices in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Chris is wholly trustworthy, straightforward, patient and superbly well informed about San Francisco real estate. He’s still my broker. I get letters and calls from broker-hunters and am happy to tell them “I’ve found my man.”

Arthur Bierman
San Francisco, CA

I’ve had a professional relationship with Chris approximately 20 years. Knowing he’s a San Francisco native and real estate broker, I inquired about investing in multi-unit residential rentals. In early 2000 I invested in a property he has in Sacramento that was close to the Capitol and increase in value when they built the new arena. In 2012 when the market was soft I inquired about a small building on Castro. Chris was busy at the time but eventually looked into it and we purchased it. Since then the market has been booming where the value has almost doubled. I can’t thank him enough for getting me into the city, as the values are almost bulletproof because of the availability of space.

Dan Ayala
San Francisco, CA

Without Honesty & Trust you have nothing in life! Ferrigno Real Estate has these very important qualities and much more knowledge and experience than you probably need, (but trust me in today’s world you need this expertise!). For the thinking person this is the top of the list for any real estate needs any one could have. In fact is there actually any one else? Well yes, but lets hope your not trying to buy or sell real estate without Ferrigno Real Estate in your corner.

Cher Zillman
San Francisco, CA

I am the Executive Vice President of the De Wolf Realty Company, the oldest Real Estate Company in the United States. We manage over 200 properties. I have been in the Real Estate business since 1974 and met Chris in 1992.

In my experience in sales and now since 1983 management only, I can say without hesitation that Chris is and has been for years at the top of his game. I have worked closely with Chris on many deals. Chris has worked with mutual clients of mine and have always found him to be straightforward, ethical, moral and very well versed in the San Francisco Real Estate Market.

I have always told others that Chris has a great ability to analyze buildings for current and future values and his clients that I have worked with trust and admire him. I would highly recommend Chris in either listing or selling properties here in San Francisco with no hesitation.

Aaron Sinelnikoff, EVP, De Wolf Realty Co.
San Francisco, CA

In 1973, I began investing in multi-unit residential apartment buildings–a long-held passion that I possessed at a very early age. During the Summer of 1978 (approx.) I was introduced to Chris Ferrigno concerning an apartment building exchange.

The transaction fell through, but my relationship with Chris continued to grow for the past 27 years to date. We did developments in Hawaii as well as San Francisco and I purchased many buildings with Chris as my Broker and eventual partner. It has been one very interesting journey and I must say, a real pleasure and delight. I look forward to many more years of successful investing and friendship with a topnotch friend, mentor and above all else a decent and trustworthy human being.

Robert Maron
San Francisco, CA